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Open Well Horizontal Monoset Submersible Pump

Salient Features

  1. No Foundation required

  2. Pump always operates under water, hence:

    • No suction or priming problem

    • No possibility of burning of motor.

    • No water level guard required

    • Noise free - leak proof

    • No regular maintenance required

  3. Monoset pumps are generally installed at the bottom of the tank / well,  its performance do not affect due to change in water level

  4. For longer life and better efficiency:

    • Cast iron construction

    • Dynamically balanced rotor and impeller

    • Water lubricated bearings

    • Motor designed to withstand wider voltage fluctuations

  5. Plenty off models to choose as per customers requirement as Prima offers mono sets from 0.5 HP to 60.0 HP having low head and high discharge and also high head and low discharge.

  6. Prima also offer pumps with different MOC such as SS 304, SS 316 etc.

  Production Range

Open well Submersible Monoset Pumps (Horizontal)

0.5 HP to 2.0 HP Single Phase

0.5  HP to 70.0 HP Three  Phase

5 mtrs to 90 mtrs. Head &

4000 LPM to 80 LPM discharge

ISI Marking.

IS - 14220
CM/L : 7202754


Pumping of Water in Multistoried Buildings

Open well submersible

Industrial applications


Water Sprinkling in Gardens etc.



Cooling Tower