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Care for your Pumps

Guidelines for maintenance of Open Well Vertical  Submersible Mono set pumps

Prima submersible pump sets hardly need any maintenance during operation. However, the current and voltage reading should be checked from time to time to ensure that its operation is normal. If the motor does not rotate easily and attempt care be made to rotate it with a box spanner through dome nut of impeller.

Regarding storage, the unit is preferably to be stored in Vertical/Horizontal position. If the pump set is in operation and required to be taken out for storage, after clearing all external parts, the unit can be stored in a dry and dust free room. Thereafter whenever re-installation is taken-up, verify that the pump shaft rotates freely by hand. If the suction strainer is choked, it must be cleaned.

Some  DOs  AND DONT's

  • Do ensure that motor is filled with adequate quantity of clear, cold fresh drinking water.

  • Do ensure that no air is entrapped while filling water in motor

  • Do fill water very slowly.

  • Do not fill distilled water in motor.

  • Do not run motor without filling with water, even for a short time.

  • Do not pull power cable, even slightly away from the winding joint.

  • Do not run the pump set for long time, say longer that 10 minutes at the most, keeping the delivery check valve closed, to avoid heating of the motor.

  • Do not tamper with important assembly settings carried out at Works like axial play of pump set, since these have been done under expert supervision with proper tools. In case the pump set is required to be disassembled at site, the same is to be carried out by our trained mechanics with proper tools.

  • Do not use vice to hold stator casing. Use 'V shaped wooden blocks.



  • Additional cable length required to connect pump set to electric supply, 3 core flat pvc cable from reputed manufacturer is recommended.

  • Cable of adequate size must be used depending upon HP of motor and length of cable.

  • For jointing additional cable please ensure that a perfect water tight joint is made by using rubber tape, Rubber solution, PVC adhesive tape and jointing carried out by trained person.


Following protective devices must be provided and ensure that they are in working condition.

  • Thermal relay with suitable current setting relay range. Single phasing preventor for three phase motor.

  • Water level guard for protection against dry running.


  • Thrust pad with key.

  • Thrust bearing. Lock nut.

  • Bearing bushes. Rotor sleeves.

  • Seal cap.

  • Oil Seal.

  • Cable gland.

  • Grommet.

  • Neck Ring. Key for Impeller.

  • Dome nut for impeller.

  • Drain plug.


  • The pump set should be switched on only, if it is fully immersed in water.

  • During initial start up the delivery valve should be partially opened so that in the beginning sand/silt is not carried in water leading to premature damage to pump set.

  • For long service life of motor, ensure that time gap between two successive start up should be at least five minutes. Frequent starts and stops must be avoided.

  • Observe the operation for 10 to 15 minutes and if every thing is normal i.e voltage, current noise, vibrations, the pump set can be allowed to run continuously.

  • Single phasing operation by cutting off any one phase from main supply. Re-connect the cut off phase before re-starting.

  • Thermal relay with suitable current setting relay range, check operation of relay at its lowest range to ensure its proper functioning.

  • Then set the current setting on relay according to motor HP and field conditions.